GLENN JONES – My Garden State

Album: My Garden State

Artist: Glenn Jones

Label: Thrill Jockey

Release Date: June 04, 2013

Glenn Jones


Glenn Jones hasn’t been idle since he put Cul De Sac on hiatus. The guitarist and John Fahey acolyte has made a half-dozen solo albums of six-string serenades, of which My Garden State is the latest.  Written while staying in the New Jersey house in which he grew up, the record isn’t so much nostalgic as wistful, as if Jones was surveying the streets he used to walk with good memories but no desire to relive the past. Knowledge of the music’s creation won’t make much difference in one’s enjoyment, however. Whether it’s the open-tuned mantras of “Like a Sick Eagle Looking at the Sky” and “The Vernal Pool,” the dissonant textures of “Blues For Tom Carter” or the most pastoral atmospheres of “Alcouer Gardens” and “Going Back to East Montgomery,” Jones’ fingerpicking skill compliments his rolling melodies in ways that any music lover can hear.

DOWNLOAD: “Like a Sick Eagle Looking at the Sky,” “Blues For Tom Carter”


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