Glen Hansard – Rhythm and Repose

January 01, 1970



“Though in time we’ve walked

You were always in my heart

Maybe we should say goodbye

But maybe not tonight…”


That verse, from “Maybe Not
Tonight,” effectively sums up the sentiments that pervade Rhythm and Repose, the
superb solo outing from Glen Hansard, front man for the Irish ensemble The
Frames, and more recently, co-star – with musical partner Markéta Irglová – in the critically
lauded duo the Swell Season. Hansard and Irglová were also, for a time,
romantic partners, and knowing that they subsequently parted ways makes the
low-cast laments that populate this effort all the most poignant.


That’s not to say Rhythm
and Repose is wholly devoted to
melancholia, brooding and rumination; Hansard boasts more than a hint of
ringing resolve, whether voiced through a wail and a holler on the soaring
“High Hope,” or with a feeling of quiet resolve on the tender torch song “Bird
of Sorrow.” Indeed, the wistful seduction that characterized Once, Swell
Season’s highly acclaimed, Oscar-winning film score, remains wholly intact
here, and even though Irglová‘s presence is limited to a
cameo vocal on the fleeting “What Are We Gonna Do,” Hansard sustains those
bracing emotions quite effectively all on his own. Still, it’s hard to escape
the feeling that this is some sort of swan song, since songs like “Love Don’t
Leave Me Waiting” and “What Are We Gonna Do” voice an unmistakable air of
uncertainty. Regardless, that sobering stance and quiet caress reflect the fact
this album’s a triumph all the same.


DOWNLOAD: “High Hope,” “Maybe Not
Tonight,” “Bird of Sorrow” LEE ZIMMERMAN

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