Girls – Father, Son, Holy Ghost

January 01, 1970

(True Panther Sounds/Matador)


Son, Holy Ghost
is nothing if not honest.  Girls perfect a graphic sophomore effort with
the literary intricacy of Nabakov and the lovelorn, Texas-Panhandle rock ‘n’
roll flavor of Buddy Holly.  Rooted
deeply in cold hard reality, vocalist Christopher Owens’ existence trumps any
work of fiction and makes for wonderfully wound-up storytelling throughout. Time
spent in a religious cult in Europe, as a grocery-store employee in dusty north
Texas, and as
a member of the band Holy Shit lends a spiritually radical, blue collar
authenticity to Girls’ gritty and often emotionally-broken plight.


The album appeals on a broad level with straightforward,
bass-heavy tracks that often read like The Zombies in their punctuated rhythm
and choral harmonies. And when Owens laments that the ladies don’t really like
his boney body, his dirty hair, or the stuff that he’s on, his self-deprecation
affirms that Girls care more about making revealing, quality music than jumping
on the latest bandwagon.


Bunny,” “Vomit” CLAIRE ASHTON

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