Girl Talk – Feed the Animals

January 01, 1970

(Illegal Art)



First things first: Greg Gillis – the boy wonder sampler/MC
that is Girl Talk – is pulling a RadioReznor.


Take it for free at the Illegal Art site, listed above — pay
any price for a download of the entire album as high quality mp3s. Cough up $5
and get the album as one long track (how Gillis intended for people to listen
to it), or $10 or for all of the above and a packaged CD when available in


Pay for this.


The talent behind Girl Talk (and any great sampling/sequence
outfit and merry mash-ups) is his taste when it comes to the treatments – like
the window dressing your girlfriend puts in your office that makes you smile or
scowl. You’ll want hear Gills zip through the culture in Ratatat-meets-Paul’s Boutique fashion like a pitch-shifting
snippet-stealing bar mitzvah DJ swallowing globs of amber crystal meth – the
chunky stuff. That don’t mean Gillis/Girl don’t like his slow grooves: Lil
Wayne meet a Red Hot Chili Peppers ballad, Fergie’s Shelia-E steal “Glamorous
say hello to my lil-fren’ Ludacris.” It’s just that the rapier slaps and the
rapid-fire pushed-to-the-max rips of Metallica, Yung Joc, Levon Helm, Jay Z and
his pay-it-forward pals in Radiohead give you a reason to cheer; to recognize,
to scream and kick out the jam because it’s a jam.


And there’s nothing better than not hedging that bet when it
comes to doing it sampladelciately.


Standout Tracks: “Set
It Off” and “Give Me A Beat” A.D. AMOROSI


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