Girl In A Coma – Exits & All the Rest

January 01, 1970



It took four
albums, but the San Antonio
trio Girl in a Coma have finally found their sound, and damn, it’s a good one.
Their previous efforts were all solid experiments in influence sharing-everything
from Nirvana to their beloved Smiths (see moniker)-but Exits & All the Rest find the band in a comfortable groove they
never quite found with their other records.


woman Nina Diaz in particular has evolved into a remarkable singer (not
surprising for someone who joined the band at 13), being able to segue seamlessly
from soft crooning to fist-in-your-face screams as needed. A little less
punk-influenced than their earlier efforts, the band can still bring out the
distorted guitars and fuck you attitude when needed, specifically on “Hope,”
the only positive thing to come out of Arizona’s
racist immigration policy. Not a weak track on the album.


DOWNLOAD: “Hope,” “One Eyed Fool” JOHN B. MOORE

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