Gina Villalobos – Days on Their Side

January 01, 1970

(Face West)


On her fourth album, this West Coast singer-songwriter shows
the perseverance you’d want to see with an artist who doesn’t get the recognition
she deserves.  After appearances at SXSW and a tour with World Party (who
she covered on her last record), she’s gotten some nods but nothing near say,
Sheryl Crow, whose adult/country-rock territory she mines much more


Right off the bat, you notice that now she’s a little more
downcast now, due to romantic disappointment.  But instead of sound mopey,
she sounds determined even when she’s weary.   Right off the bat,
she’s looking for someone to “Share a Beating” with her and even when she
‘can’t set it off,’ she’s got “Sun In Her Eyes.” No matter how much hardship
she slogs through (especially when her faith gets shaken on “String It Out”),
her tunefulness gets her through hard times.  Clearly, something for us to
learn there in these lean economic times.


Standout Tracks: “Ring
Around My Room,” “Crazy” JASON GROSS


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