Ghost Wolves – In Ya Neck

January 01, 1970



Oh holy shit. This guit-drum duo will make a man outta any
of you little boys within earshot, and as for any of you l’il gals… whew. And
sorry to the over-protective mamas and papas out there, but all those young
maidens of yours can now consider themselves permanently despoiled.


The Ghost Wolves hail from Austin and comprise lead howler/twanger
Carley Wolf plus ace percussion-demolition specialist (and co-vocalist) Jonathan
Konya. One can ruminate all day long on other such inclined outfits from Black
Keys (with whom there is a clear kinship that should not be overlooked, given
the Keys’ current ascendancy… looking at YOU, marketers!) and White Stripes, to
such seminal combos as Flat Duo Jets and The Cramps (yes, I know that was a
quartet and not a two-piece, work with me here folks!), but in doing so one
would also waste valuable time by not getting to the crux of the matter. Case
in point: in the time it took to write that sentence, yours truly almost missed
out on the raw, brutal Johnny Burnette riff that the pair snuck into the middle
of their rockabilly deconstruction anthem “Broke Joke.” Catch my drift? “Oh
darlin’, I understand / ‘Cos you can’t get somethin’ if you don’t got a dollar in
your hand,” sings Konya, as Wolf chimes in at the end like a young PJ Harvey in
heat, and in truth these folks sound like they’ve lived the punk blues they’re


Bottom line: this 6-song mini-album is primal, grungy,
lo-fi, disruptive, exhilarating stuff. From the sleazy-but-sleek slide-guit
throb of the Wolf-sung “Gonna Live” to the guy-gal back and forth of the sassy,
sexy “Snake and Jake Shake” in all its snare-trashing, fretboard-stuttering
glory, In Ya Neck is the medicine for
what ails ya. Lord knows, there’s a lot of stuff out there these days that’s
been making me feel kinda ill; I could use the pick-me-up. How about you?





Incidentally, the Wolves kick off a December tour next week that’ll take ‘em from Texas across to the east coast, and after that, in late
January and throughout February, they’ll be hosting a regular Monday night
residency at the storied Lakeside Lounge in NYC. No telling what kinda mischief Carley
and Jon will be getting into while cruising ‘round the Big Apple, but we will
be eagerly awaiting any and all progress reports….


and Jake Shake,” “Gonna Live” FRED MILLS

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