Album: High Plaine

Artist: Ghost Box Orchestra

Label: Evil Hoodoo

Release Date: May 06, 2016


The Upshot: The lysergic Boston quintet kicks up a tornado’s worth of psychedelic dust here.


Proof that stylistic indulgence has little to do with location: High Plaine, the second LP from Ghost Box Orchestra, deftly mixes a widescreen spaghetti western feel with the kind of claustrophobic acid noise associated with the likes of Loop and Spacemen 3 – never mind that GBO hails from Boston. Geography aside, the lysergic quintet kicks up a tornado’s worth of psychedelic dust here.

Dark clouds of distortion hover over Jeremy Lassetter’s phantasm howl on “Socrates Burned” and “Flutter,” while a relentless groove drives him to speaking in digitally delayed tongues in “Days Are Forever.” Things get out of control in “Dead and Gone,” as the band descends into barely contained chaos and the wind whips in distress. Though it strays too close the sound of the Black Angels for comfort, “Within the Sound” stomps through the echo with rumbling fury. As it should, it all comes to a heady head in album closer “Causality Devotional,” eight-plus minutes of drifting, flying, fuzzing, haunting psych rock.

Ghost Box Orchestra digs its way deeply into the heart of a psilocibin sun, accurately capturing the feel of a strange trip whose destination is far less important than the journey itself.

DOWNLOAD: “Dead and Gone,” “Socrates Burned,” “Causality Devotional”



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