January 01, 1970

Jazz Records)


Clive Deamer and bassist Jim Barr may primarily be renowned for their primary
roles in Portishead, but the otherworldly post-jazz of Bristol’s finest rhythm
section is also well worth a listen if you have yet to check out their
extracurricular quartet Get The Blessing.


four years after the release of their critically acclaimed sophomore effort Bugs in Amber, GTB returns with an album
saxophonist Jake McMurchie considers “more esoteric, more physical and more
carefully crafted” from a band trumpet player Pete Judge admits is “less afraid
to be itself than it used to be.”


means, at least in terms of the excellent OC
, the group can fully relish in their love for early-to-mid-‘70s Lalo
Schifrin soundtracks and the Soft Machine a la Third and Fourth with
full confidence and reckless abandon, to which they achieve on such heady,
circular jams as “Torque” and “Pentopia”. They even manage to wrangle a cameo
from Robert Wyatt, who lends his fragile timbre to the album’s standout track
“Americano Meccano.” P-Head guitarist Adrian Utley also appears as a recurring
character on this eight-track set as well, almost making you wish Geoff Barrow
and Beth Gibbons would’ve turned up for the party as well to combine their
collective forces in a whole new light.


fans who are currently in the depths of their jazz education definitely “Get
the Blessing” to check out this excellent outfit.


DOWNLOAD: “Americano Meccano”,
“Pentopia” -RON HART

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