GENITAL PANIC – Pussygrabber EP

Album: Pussygrabber EP

Artist: Genital Panic

Label: ORG Music

Release Date: September 07, 2018


Remember when the reality of a Trump presidency finally started sinking in and we all tried to desperately reassure ourselves by finding even the smallest of silver linings? Like, “at least we’ll get some great music out of it!” Well, that promise is finally starting to pay off, first with Superchunk’s brilliant What a Time to Be Alive and now with Genital Panic’s Pussygrabber EP.

Mixed among the five beautifully sloppy distortion-laden punk tracks here are some pretty obvious call outs to the man in the red hat. “Come and show me what a star you are, you can do it on a bus or in a car/Mar-A-Largo is the place to be, Ohh are those your tiny hands on me,” Tina Schlieske sings over a tight punk rock swirl, complete with a Runaway/”Cherry Bomb”-esque stutter with the “Pussygrabber” choruses. Though the lyric, “You move on me like a bitch,” may eventually result in a Trump co-writing credit.

Elsewhere, they tackle more of Trump’s greatest hits with “Locker Room Talk” and “Donnie Talk to Russia.” But the most enjoyable moment is the closing singalong, “Lick My Impeachment,” with a chorus that would make The Ramones swoon.

It may have taken a couple of years and countless lives and socials norms destroyed, but the Trump presidency is finally paying off.

DOWNLOAD: “Pussygrabber,” “Donnie talks to Russia” and “Lick My Impeachment”

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