Gasoline Silver – Gasoline Silver

January 01, 1970

(Victorian Pictures)


guitarist Ron Franklin has slowly but surely built a rep for being one of the
most promising roots-oriented young musicians in indie rock. But he’s no blind
traditionalist, as evidenced by the debut of his new band Gasoline Silver.


Backed by the kind of repetitious programmed rhythms employed
by the Jesus & Mary Chain on Automatic,
dropkicks bluesy garage rock forward, laying simple but memorable riffs over
the throbbing pulse. He manages to squeeze as much variety as he can out of the
drum machine thud, much as he wrings emotion out of his thin whine of a voice.
Both admittedly become wearying over the course of 40 minutes, but fortunately
his songs and guitar work hit hard enough to make tracks like “Miss Cape
Canaveral” and “Indianapolis” effective. One hopes his talent continues to
develop, and Gasoline Silver earns
him the benefit of the doubt.


DOWNLOAD: “Miss Cape
Canaveral,” “My Time Ain’t Long,” “Indianapolis”


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