Gaslight Anthem – Handwritten

January 01, 1970

(Mercury Records)


For those purists worried that the move from a punk rock
indie to a big bad major label (Mercury in this case) would ruin The Gaslight Anthem,
strong-arming them to fill their tattooed Springsteen anthems with manufactured
beats and soulless auto tune, worry no more. On their fourth outing, the band sounds
pretty much like… well, Gaslight Anthem. And as much as Brain Fallon and the
boys must bristle at all the Bruce comparisons at this point, that Garden State
Parkway vibe still runs all the way through Handwritten,
despite recording the album in Nashville.


The steady driving “Mulholland Drive” and the Roy
Orbison-worthy “Here Comes My Man” are among the band’s best and could have
easily come off their breakthrough 2008 release The ’59 Sound. You can take the boys out of Jersey,


DOWNLOAD: “Mulholland Drive,”
“Here Comes My Man” JOHN B. MOORE


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