Album: Get Hurt

Artist: Gaslight Anthem

Label: island

Release Date: August 12, 2014

Gaslight 8-12


Make no mistake, The Gaslight Anthem’s latest is a break up album. It’s not, however, a weepy, melancholy affair like Beck’s Sea Change, but more of a “Fuck it, I’m moving on,” declaration, spread out over a dozen songs.

The vibe is set in place right from the start, with the loud chugging guitars on “Stay Vicious” and the lyrics, “Well, the arms that used to hold me, well, now they’ve done me harm,” setting the band onto their most musically diverse record yet in their five record canon. Front man Brian Fallon’s recent divorce, combined with an apparent need to finally kill off the longstanding Springsteen comparisons drive Get Hurt, seeing the band pull in influences as wide range as Queens of the Stone Age to Cheap Trick.

lyrically, Fallon is just as solid as he ever was and more often than not, the louder guitars and experiments with stronger vocal harmonies, pays off with this record, (especially on the power pop number “Helter Skeleton” and the pleasantly understated “Underneath the Ground”).

Breaking away from their by now trademark South Jersey, cruising with the radio on brand of punk rock that first got them noticed, the band is likely to alienate some early fans with Get Hurt. In doing so, however, The Gaslight Anthem is doing much more to preserve the band in the long run, evolving at a steady, but satisfying clip.

 DOWNLOAD: “Helter Skeleton,” “Break Your Heart” and “Mama’s Boy”



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