Gary Numan – 1978-1979 (vinyl)

January 01, 1970


(Vinyl 180)


It is already ten years into the 21st century and
it seems with the success of such acts as LCD Soundsystem, Lady Gaga and
Janelle Monae, pop music has finally caught up with new wave pioneer Gary Numan’s vision of a Top 40 utopia. But as
much as his influence lingers in the air of the FM radio waves of the modern
age, there still remains nothing that sounds quite like the dark, catchy fusion
of dystopian songwriting, cheap synthesizers and effects-heavy guitars he
conspired across the din of his pair of albums with post-punk outfit Tubeway
Army (1978’s Tubeway Army and 1979’s Replicas) and his breakout 1979 solo
debut The Pleasure Principle.


Now the gourmet Vinyl 180 label has packaged all three of
these groundbreaking works as part of an extremely limited edition LP box set,
remastered from the original analog tapes and pressed onto heavyweight wax for
maximum life. And as a bonus, this collection also includes The Plan, an excellent posthumous set of
Tubeway rarities originally released in 1984 by Beggars Banquet.


‘Friends’ Electric?,” “Cars” RON HART








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