Garage A Trois – Power Patriot

January 01, 1970

Royal Potato Family)


without Charlie Hunter, this jazz-rock ensemble
is still going strong. On Power Patriot, they set the tone with “Rescue
Spreaders.” A lead-off track with as many distractions as anything on Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, it grooves like
spies in space, with Skerik out front on the saxophone and Marco Benevento uncorking a mind-melting keyboard riff
while Stanton Moore (of Galactic fame) hammers
his drums like a caveman with a taste for jazz. “Fragile” sounds like Buddy Holly’s melody to “Rave On” as John Zorn might play it, working itself into an
overheated climax fueled by squealing sax.


title track is even more adventurous, a primal
funk groove stomping its way across the electronic bloops and blips on its way
to an explosive sax-fueled chorus. And when they lighten up the mood a bit on
“Dory’s Day Out,” with Mike Dillon out front on the vibraphone, they manage to
recall the schmaltzy side of “Pet Sounds” without
coming off as smooth jazz. 


Standout Tracks: “Rescue Spreaders,”
“Dory’s Day Out” A. WATT 



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