Galaxie 500 – Today + On Fire + This Is Our Music

January 01, 1970



Bon Iver. Deerhunter. The Shins. My
Morning Jacket. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. These are just a small selection
of choice acts of the modern day who owe a shot and a beer to the sound of
Harvard dream pop trio Galaxie 500. For the latter half of the 1980s, future
Luna frontman Dean Wareham plus Damon Krukowsi and Naomi Yang (later of Damon
& Naomi fame) competed for CMJ chart space with some of the most ornery
bands in what was then called “college rock”, from Big Black to Bastro. But the
group’s sweet/sad psychedelia rose above the din of feedback with a trilogy of
gorgeous LPs that still sound as fresh and imaginative today as they did 20
years ago.


Now back in the hands of Krukowsi
and Yang and released on their own 20/20/20 imprint, all three Galaxie 500
albums have been remastered and padded with exceptional bonus discs featuring a
set of unreleased tracks and b-sides, the band’s famous Peel Sessions and a
complete concert from Copenhagen, Denmark, documenting one of the final Galaxie
performances (all previously released and subsequently discontinued on the
group’s old label Rykodisc; the comprehensive 4-CD box from 1996, Galaxy 500, is also out of print and
currently fetching upwards of $150 on eBay). No indie rock collection would be
complete without 1988’s Today, 1989’s
On Fire and 1990’s This Is Our Music.


Standout Tracks: Collect them all! RON HART


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