Gaelic Storm – Cabbage

January 01, 1970

(Lost Again)


During their first major national gig 10
years ago, the California-based Celtic rock band Gaelic Storm managed to get in
front of hundreds of millions… granted it was in the movie Titanic, where they played the poor, but never-the-less happy
little Irish band jamming for the rest of the poor, but happy Irish crammed into
the ship’s steerage level.


Since then, the band has plugged away winning
over fans one club show at a time. Cabbage,
the band’s eighth record, includes some of the wittiest writing the band has
ever put to tape, like the opening track “Raised on Black and Tans” and the
goofy, though still cleaver “Space Race.” Their cover of Simon &
Garfunkel’s “Cecilia” is surprisingly original considering how many bands have
had their way with that song. But, coming in at 14 tracks, the album is a bit
tedious in spots, with a couple of songs that probably should never have made
the final line up.


Like fellow Celtic rockers Flogging Molly,
Gaelic Storm includes Irish (and British) expats now living in the U.S., that
have managed to do phenomenally well with their Yankee audiences despite very
little help from radio or mainstream media. Along with a knack for composing
great drinking songs, their success is owed more than a little credit to Irish Americans
desperate to claim any connection to their Celtic ancestry, no matter how
distant (which makes for perfect fodder for the aforementioned “Raised on Black
and Tans”).


Though Cabbage may not be the band’s best effort, it’s still worth raising a glass of Guinness


DOWNLOAD: “Raised on Black and Tans,” and “Space Race”    JOHN B. MOORE



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