Gabriel Teodros – Colored People’s Time Machine

January 01, 1970




With the rise of such Sub
Pop-signed regional acts as Shabaaz Palaces and THEESatisfaction, Seattle is gaining notoriety for more than
simply being the place where Sir Mix-A-Lot came from in the hip-hop world these


If that renowned Northwest
indie label was ever in search for another local artist to add to its growing
urban division, they should look no further than Jet
City’s South End and Central District,
whose zip code was cited as the most ethnically diverse in the United States
by the 2010 Census. It is there they will discover the likes of Gabriel
Teodros, a mixed race MC whose upbringing in this incredible melting pot of a
neighborhood teeming with blacks, whites, Asians, Mexicans, Filipinos and
Ethiopians is well instilled within the fiber of his latest LP, Colored
People’s Time Machine.


The product of two-plus
years’ worth of creative toil, Teodros employed a rainbow coalition of over 20
musicians of varying tongues and cultures in an effort to craft a
quintessential aural representation of his hood, where he also serves as an
educator and community organizer (don’t let those bastards at FOX kill that
term for you, kids). This b-boy bouillabaisse certainly makes for an interesting,
if at times cumbersome, multi-culti block party to say the least, as English,
Spanish, Arabic, Tagalog and Amharic languages are interwoven into a homespun
afghan of old school backpacker positivity on tracks like “Saturn’s
Return” and “Sun & Breeze”.


In these uncertain times
of confusion, uncertainty and frat brat bravado miring the art of rap music, Colored
People’s Time Machine
is the kind of album that will inspire you to set the
scene by digging out your old Black Star “It’s Kind of Dangerous to be an
MC” T-shirt, thumb through an old issue of Stress and reminisce of
an era in the game when soul and skill were more important than style and


DOWNLOAD: “Saturn’s Return”, “Sun &
Breeze”, “Babylon




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