Fyfe Dangerfield – Fly Yellow Moon

January 01, 1970

(self released)


Rodney Dangerfield complained he never got any respect, but for Fyfe
Dangerfield, that likely won’t be the case. After a successful tenure with
Britain’s wildly eclectic Guillemots, Dangerfield ventures out on his own with
an album that has “classic” written all over it. Unlike the scattershot
approach taken in his day job, Dangerfield sticks with standard Rock precepts, whether
it’s a sweeping entreaty or moments of quiet deliberation.


Happily he easily adapts to the change of circumstance, and
while opening track “When You Walk in the Room” causes momentary concern with
its techno-beat launch, it takes only a momentary readjustment to shift the
track to a standard, steady thump.  The
driving “Faster Than the Setting Sun” and the sweeping sound of “She Needs Me”
further shore up his rock ‘n’ roll cred, but in truth, Dangerfield may have
found his footing as a crooning balladeer, given the smooth caress of “So Brand
New,” the stately piano balladry of “Barricades” and the hauntingly beautiful
“Livewire.”  A consistently impressive
first outing, Fly High Yellow Moon suggests Dangerfield’s chances for solo glory extend far beyond mere pie in the


“She Needs Me,” “Livewire,” “Faster Than the Setting Sun”


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