FUZZ – Fuzz

Album: Fuzz

Artist: FUZZ

Label: In The Red

Release Date: October 01, 2013




I think in San Franciscan Ty Segall we have a musician here of Pollardian proportions, in other words, the dude’s prolific!  Here, Segall is joined by pals Charlie Moothart and Rolan Cosio (Segall plays drums) and the word power trio comes to mind. Yes, the 8 songs on this FUZZ debut are heavy, real heavy. Initially I was reminded of Black Sabbath, who are an obvious influence, but you’ll also hear some love for Hendrix and, of course, the heaviest band ever (aside from Poison Idea) Blue Cheer.

From the opening cut of “Earthen Gate” the songs nudge, heave, shove and then finally bulldoze their way to your hearts. Both “Loose Sutures” and “Raise’ offer up Iommi-ish guitar sludge while “Hazemaze’ speeds things up, if just a bit, but still, compared to the other tunes,  makes it seem like a souped-up GTO racing against a poor Pinto.

Put that lit-up cell phone down and get a lighter dammit. This deserves it.

DOWNLOAD:  “Earthen Gate,” “Sleigh Ride,” “Loose Sutures”

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