FUZZ – Fuzz / THE FUZZ – The Fuzz

Album: Fuzz / The Fuzz


Label: In The Red / Munster

Release Date: September 24, 2013


www.inthered.com; www.munster-records.com


 It’s dueling Fuzz-balls, BLURT style, kids! Let us explain…

 In San Franciscan Ty Segall we have a musician here of Pollardian proportions; in other words, the dude’s prolific. Here, Segall, on drums, is joined by pals Charlie Moothart and Roland Cosio and the word power trio comes to mind.

 Yes, the eight songs on the FUZZ debut are heavy, real heavy. You’ll be reminded of Black Sabbath right off but you’ll also hear some love for Hendrix and, of course, the heaviest band ever, Blue Cheer. From the opening cut of “Earthen Gate” the songs nudge, heave, shove and then finally bulldoze their way to your hearts. Both “Loose Sutures” and “Raise” offer up Iommi-ish guitar sludge; while “Hazemaze” speeds things up, if just a bit, but still, compared to the other tunes, makes it seem like a souped-up GTO racing against a poor Pinto. Put that lit-up cell phone down and get a cigarette lighter, dammit. This deserves it.

The Fuzz

Meanwhile, across the country, in Memphis’ Hector Bobo we have a musician of Bobo-esque proportions; we are advised by the good folks of Spain’s Munster label that he’s the sibling of another prolific songwriter, one Harlan T. Bobo, who we are additionally advised has never been seen in public together with Hector. Uhhh, right. Well, both “brothers” are published by Harlan T. Bobo Music (BMI) so there’s at least peace in the family.

 All myth-making and –mongering aside, the eleven songs on the self-titled debut by The Fuzz are heavy in their own milieu, a garage-rocking blast of Fleshtones-meets-early-Kinks looniness, with a touch of Ramones lining the lint-filled pockets. Bobo, along with Jeff “Bunny” Dutton, Tom Jones and Steve Selvidge, emits a joyful racket of whap, bam, boom, crunch and, yes, fuzz, on such sonic delicacies as the thrashy “Birdie,” drunk strut “Cold Stars,” the glam-slam of “Teen Rex” (get it?) and the “Where Have All The Good Times Gone” rewrite that is “Merry-Go-Round.” All that, and a cover of Dead Moon’s timeless minor chord surf-blooze “Sorrow’s Forecast”? Mama, weer all krazee nowwww!

 Already booking our flights to Memphis and San Fran for this year’s spring break. Join us and the rest of our staff as we hit the touring road, won’t you? Opening act for BLURT’s First Annual Fuzz-fest—kinda like Ozzfest, minus a budget—will be the legendary Fuzztones….

 DOWNLOAD: FUZZ – “Earthen Gate,” “Hazemaze”; The Fuzz – “Teen Rex,” “Merry-Go-Round”

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