Album: Baba Yaga

Artist: Futurebirds

Label: Fat Possum

Release Date: April 16, 2013




 While the spotlight on the Athens, GA music scene may faded sometime in the late ‘80s/early ‘90s when the ADD music industry decamped to chase the next shiny object that passed their line of vision, the college town continues to churn out one solid band after another that could care less about appealing to a broader group. For every Of Montreal that gets the national attention they deserve, there are a slew of other greats that may never get the notice of the record buying public.

 The indie band Futurebirds is one of those that deserve a closer look… or listen (you know what I’m getting at). The songs on their second full length Baba Yaga are not immediately sticky, in fact they take some time sink in (I listened a good three or four times to the record before I started to realize just how great some of these songs are). Tracks like “Felix Helix” are a little more accessible, but the album is filled with slow-burners that seem to seep into your awareness after a while.

 Local labels like Happy Happy Birthday To Me and Orange Twin Records continue to foster the eclectic scene in Athens, but it takes a motivated listener to seek out these bands.  And Baba Yaga is proof that it’s worthwhile to do your homework.  

 DOWNLOAD: “Serial Bowls,” “Felix Helix,” “St. Summercamp”

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