Future of the Left – Travels with Myself and Another

January 01, 1970





Andy Falkous and Jack Egglestone
retired the Mclusky name a while back but, thankfully, as FOTL they haven’t
kicked their previous sonic habits. Like Curses (2007), Travels with Myself and Another gives free rein to the tendencies that made Mclusky great: a knack for
economical, unrelentingly assaultive, absurdist songs that strike an unlikely
balance between cacophony and catchiness.


The Welsh trio’s pummeling
intensity is still indebted to noisy US forefathers like the Jesus Lizard, Big
Black and Shellac (“You Need Satan More Than He Needs You”;
“Chin Music”), but they also look closer to home: the jagged,
staccato stab and chanted chorus of “That Damned Fly” recall Gang of
Four’s doctrinaire rigidity. FOTL’s uniqueness resides largely in Falkous’s
oblique narratives, acerbic wit and a delivery ranging from menace to frantic
spleneticism, often fleshed out with bassist Kelson Mathias’s vocal interplay.
“Throwing Bricks at Trains” has most of these strengths and more,
scoring bonus points for the finest opening line you’ll hear all year:
“Slight bowel movements preceded the bloodless coup.” Who says
poetry’s dead?


Standout Tracks: “Arming
Eritrea,” “Chin Music,” “Throwing Bricks at Trains”


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