fun – Some Nights

January 01, 1970

(Fueled By Ramen)



Well there is no
way you can criticize fun. for recording the same album twice. On Some Nights, their sophomore effort, the
band moves a little further away from their Jellyfish-meets-ELO influence and
brings in more modern studio touches. The transition is subtle at first but
more obvious with each listen.


The songs are
probably still best classified as indie pop, with front man and songwriter Nate
Reuss coming off as a modern day Harry Nilsson reveling surprisingly personal
experiences in  his lyrics (a trend that
dates all the way back to his time in the criminally-underrated The Format).
The biggest difference with this record, produced by Jeff Bhasker (who has
worked with Beyonce, Kanye, Jay-Z and others), is the use of vocoder or
autotune (not sure which effect it is) throughout the record. The result can be
a bit distracting, but doesn’t take too much away from what are ultimately deeply
catchy songs.


“We Are Young”,
which features Janelle Monae on backing vocals, has already gotten a slew of
attention thanks to its inclusion in a Chevy Super Bowl commercial, but there
are plenty of other songs that are just as infectious (the title track is
custom made for stadium sing-alongs).


While Some Nights is bound to create some
friction between those who adored the band’s debut and have followed Reuss and
his band mates from their pop/punk days, this latest evolution in sound and
Reuss’s knack for mixing personal lyrics with catchy hooks is reason enough to
put the preconceptions aside.  Hell, it even makes up for that dreadful band


Young,” “Carry On” and “Some Nights”   JOHN





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