Full Devil Jacket 11/15 & 11/20/14, Jackson TN

Dates: November 15 & December 20, 2014

Location: The Tap & The Empourium Blues and Rock Bar, Jackson TN

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Jackson, Tenn. outfit Full Devil Jacket played a pair of late ’14 shows in their (and my) hometown (Their and my Hometown). The two venues were the  The Tap and The Empourium Blues and Rock Bar. Tap on 11/15/2014 Empourium on 12/20/14. They are currently out on tour with Drowning Pool and soon to be out with Hinder.

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The band:

Josh Brown- Vocals

Keith Foster- drums

Keith “Moose” Douglass- Bass

Paul Varnick- Guitar

Brian Kirk- Guitar

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Full Devil Jacket started out in the 90s as the Voodoo Hippies and later morphed into Full Devil Jacket. They have toured with many rock group such as Fuel (also from the same area in Tenn.), Sevendust, Creed, Slipknot, Nickelback, Coal Chamber, Type O Negative, and others. With such hits as “Where Did You Go” and “Now You Know” they were invited to play Woodstock in 1999. Unfortunately Josh Brown lead singer was living the Rock and Roll lifestyle and ended up overdosing on heroin and almost died. To try to save his life he walked away from music and his career for a few years before returning with the Christian rock band Day of Fire. With Day of Fire Josh won a Dove Award.


The original crew of Full Devil Jacket would come back together to play a benefit concert for their guitarist Michael Reaves who was dying of cancer. It was here where the thoughts of getting the band back together came to life, but just never came together with the original members except for drummer Keith Foster who urged Josh to go forward with Full Devil Jacket, and after some soul searching the search began to fill the roster with the right pieces. Those pieces became Keith “Moose” Douglass, Paul Varnick, and Zac Broderick (formally from Nonpoint).

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