Fujiya and Miyagi – Lightbulbs

January 01, 1970

(Full Time Hobby)





If you are not
familiar with Fujiya and Miyagi, let’s first clarify; they are neither Japanese
nor a duo of individuals who bear these names. Why would you draw that
conclusion? In fact, Fujiya and Miyagi is a British quartet of English singing,
dance-music-making gents who bring a level of lightness to the electronic music
scene. For their sophomore album, Fujiya and Miyagi continue their quirky
lyrics and sometimes downright silly track titles. Yet, the redeeming factor to
this equation is how Fujiya and Miyagi maintain an undeniable charm as they woo
listeners with great their beats.



The result, an
upbeat and fun album sure to get you dancing as you’ll find yourself singing
those same harebrained words. As with their first single “Knickerbocker,” wherein
singer David Best calmly whispers “vanilla, strawberry, knickerbocker, glory.” Nonetheless,
like 2007 debut Transparent Things, Fujiya and Miyagi again concoct catchy
riffs and have assembled another excellent album that will indeed spark a fire
under those two left feet.



Standout Tracks: “Uh,” “Dishwasher” APRIL S. ENGRAM


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