Fresh & Onlys – Secret Walls EP

January 01, 1970

(Sacred Bones)


The Grey-Eyed
LP was a hint at what these Bay Area blokes were capable of but last
year’s Play It Strange totally proved
it for anyone who had any doubts. The thing is what they do sounds instantly
familiar. The first time I heard their music I was thinking to myself, “Where
have I heard this band before?!”.
They barely take a chance to breathe and out comes this 5 song EP (not on In
the Red but on BKNY startup, Sacred Bones label).


These 5 songs are low-key and seem to hit
that sweet spot where the band melds their concoction of pop, psychedelic,
garage and yes, even surf music. The title track opens the record and sits
comfortably in its warm groove and when it’s up at 4:00 you wonder where the
time went. “Keep Telling Everybody Lies” sports a similar vibe but with an
eerie organ reminiscent of recent music by The Clean. Of the final three songs
the pick top click would be the warbly “Wash Over Us” where leader Tim Cohen’s
vocals sound mumbled and beautiful and when the guitar hits that middle part it
sounds like Paisley legends the Rain Parade in the best way possible.  If you’re wondering, the other two songs are
worthy too.


Cohen and Co.
know how to make us beg for more. Well, come on, we’re begging over here.


“Secret Walls”, “Keep Telling Everybody Lies”, “Wash Over Us” TIM HINELY




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