Freelance Whales – Diluvia

January 01, 1970

(Mom + Pop Music,
Frenchkiss Records);


New York quintet Freelance Whales possess the
knack of wrapping contemplative words in sublimely beautiful folk music and
making it sound effortless. Diluvia, the second album for this fairly
new band, follows in the path of Weathervanes with well orchestrated, tranquil and moving music guided by Judah Dadone’s
genteel vocals. Yet Diluvia proves even more ethereal – and a sonic maturing for
the band – in its airy arrangements.


For their second
album, the band decided to expand the vocal plane as member Dorris Cellar’s
voice is more prominent on numbers such as “Spitting Image,” “Red Star” and
“Winter Seeds.” “Land Features” grabs you with sporadic drums, horns and catchy
melody that all seamlessly meld together. “DNA Bank” begins quietly and
quaintly with only Dadone’s vocals and the plucking of a banjo. Then song
slowly builds over 7 minutes to include French horns, drums and everyone’s
voices in an atmospheric and moving end. Though several songs follow this
equation, the music is consistently impressive. A calmer, mellower than its
predecessor, affair, Diluvia is an enchanting album worth several listens.


DOWNLOAD: “Dig Into Waves,” “Winter Seeds” APRIL

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