Freddie Steady 5 – Live From Sugarhill Studios

January 01, 1970

(Steady Boy Records)


The lessons of history aren’t lost on Freddie “Steady” Krc.
With his shades, black and white polka dot shirt and facial features, he looks
like he could be a close cousin of Roy Orbison come back to claim the family
business. Yet, that may be the least obtrusive thing about Freddie’s unwavering
MO. His retro references are apparent as soon as he and his band, the Freddie
Steady 5, strike up their first chord, and on #Live From Sugarhill Studios#, they make those influences a
consistent thread throughout. It’s not surprising really, considering their
locale; Houston’s Sugarhill Studios is rife with historical import, having been
the place that birthed such immortal classics as The Big Bopper’s “Chantilly
Lace,” Willie Nelson’s “Night Life,” Freddie Fender’s “Before the Next Teardrop
Falls,” and the Sir Douglas Quintet’s “She’s About A Mover,” each a significant
signpost in the history of today’s pop/country hybrid.


To Freddie’s credit, he’s managed to remain faithful to that
tradition by spinning songs that capture an indelible spirit of age-old
Americana, while simultaneously needle-dropping on Mersey Beat, Blues, Zydeco
and Rockabilly all at the same time. With a husky vocal that reflects his deep
Texas roots, he asserts a powerful presence that also makes his reverence for
pop purity unfailingly obvious. Striking covers of the Beatles’ “No Reply” and
the failsafe “Who Do You Love” affirm his hindsight, but even so, his own
originals make the most indelible impression, capturing a classic rock sound so
assuredly that its practically impossible to discern whether they came from his
pen or a more familiar ‘60s source like Lennon-McCartney, Gerry and the
Pacemakers, Van Morrison and Them, or, of course, Sir Douglas himself. It takes
but cursory listen to confirm that fact; “In a Heartbeat,” “Don’t Stop,” “I
Will Wait for You” and “If She Were Mine” sound for all the world like they
were minted back in that golden era, and indeed, if one were to spin this disc
without making any prior note of its origins, it would be easy to mistake it as
a collection of forgotten 45s scooped off a dusty record rack that’s been lost and
forgotten for the past four decades.  Ask
any baby Boomer and they’ll likely agree — it doesn’t get better than that.


Standout Tracks: “In a Heartbeat,” “Don’t Stop,” “I Will Wait for You” LEE ZIMMERMAN



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