Frankie Rose + Suburban Living 10/3/17, Denver

Dates: October 3, 2017

Location: Globe Hall, Denver CO

Live at new venue Globe Hall, in Denver, Colorado.


My first time to the fairly new Globe Hall (ok, it’s probably been there close to a year) and I liked it. BBQ restaurant/bar on one side and, through the door,a music venue on the other (visions of Maxwell’s in Hoboken, NJ). Easy to park and right off the freeway, what’s not to like.

Also, Frankie Rose was playing on this night so even better.

But as I walked in Philly’s Suburban Living were on stage. I hadn’t heard of these guys before but I liked what I’d heard. Four guys (led by guitarist/vocalists Wesley Bunch and Chris Radwanski) with pop music in their hearts and probably Smiths, The Cure and Echo and the Bunnymen records in their collections (maybe some stuff on the Captured Tracks label as well…who I could see them getting signed to). The songs were dense and dreamy, but hooky, too. If they come to your town they’re certainly worth leaving the house for.

Though I’ve been a fan of Frankie Rose since before she even released her first solo record (that Slumberland released in  2010 which was actually under the name Frankie Rose and the Outs) and all of the bands she has been in, including Dum Dum Girls, Vivian Girls, Crystal Stilts and Beverly (a few serious favorites in there), I hadn’t seen her live before so I wasn’t going to miss this gig. She’s touring on her new release, Cage Tropical (Slumberland Records) and though their were four people on stage it was difficult to see as the way the lighting was all you could see were silhouettes (umm…I think there was a drummer back there) but it was Rose and another young blonde on guitars, a gent on bass and the invisible drummer. Plus there was a smoke machine so it made for a unique viewing experience (hey, I love smoke machines!).

They set was mostly made up of songs off Cage Tropical, a record that sounds like it could’ve been release in the mid-80’s as the icy synths give it a real 80’s feel.

Songs like the title track, ‘Dyson Sphere,” “Trouble” and “Love in Rockets” take on the feel of classics each time I hear them.  She also played “Know Me” and “Night Swim” off of 2012’s Interstellar. The set was sleek and swift (just like her new record) as they were off stage in about 35-40 minutes. They came back out for an encore of “Save Me” (from that debut record) and off they were. Though the place was only about a quarter full Rose and Co.  didn’t care as they played liked their was a roomful of thousands, but that’s Rose, a real charasmatic professional. I can’t wait until the next time they come to town.

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