Frankie Rose and the Outs – Frankie Rose and the Outs

January 01, 1970



Rose gained her fame and fortune in the indie scene by hitting the skins for
such outfits as the Vivian Girls and Crystal Stilts (Dum Dum Girls, too), but
last year she shed the background image and released a terrific 7″ on the
Slumberland label (“Thee Only One”) so to say that he debut full-length
was highly anticipated in the world of folks who follow labels like Slumberland,
Captured Tracks, etc. would be a bit of an understatement.  And the verdict
is… well, it’s a good record with a few great songs on it but not quite
the monster folks were hoping for.


the long-play format  Rose and company haven’t strayed too far from her
love of ‘60s pop of Ronettes/Spector meets ‘80s UK pop of Shop Assistants and Jesus
& Mary Chain wall of noise pop tunes (love that drum sound!). Some of the
songs feel like interludes or not quite finishes pieces. Opener  “Hollow
Life” is church organ and dreamy vocals while another fragment, “Lullaby for
Roads & Miles,” sounds gorgeous but sounds like it could be more
realized and “Memo” nearly dissolves into prettiness. Onto the great stuff,
“Little Brown Haired Girls”  is a soaring symphony of bells, whistles,
reverb that you wish would go on forever while “That’s What People Told Me” is
a choppy garage monster and “Girlfriend Island” brings to mind all of those
C-86 bands in the best way possible.


the monster will come next time.


DOWNLOAD: “Little Brown Haired Girls”, “Girlfriend



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