Frank Turner – Last Minutes & Lost Evenings (CD/DVD)

January 01, 1970



To paraphrase the subject of this review, its obvious his
angry adolescent days are done… but that doesn’t mean he’s settled up and
sitting out the game. The one time member for the hardcore band Million Dead
may have swapped out the distortion pedals for an acoustic guitar (the reverse
Dylan?), but you’re not paying attention if you think he’s stopped fighting the


The UK-based punk folkie has managed to remain one of the
genre’s best kept secrets over here for five years and an impressive four
albums, but as Last Minutes & Lost
showcases: A) You should be paying attention to Frank Turner; and
B) Seriously, why the hell have you not been paying attention to Frank Turner?
This record acts as a primer of sorts for those who know little about the guy,
comprised of some of his better known tracks (“Photosynthesis,” “I Still
Believe” and “Reasons Not to Be an Idiot”) as well as some rarer cuts. 


But wait, there’s more… It also comes with a DVD of his 2012
sold out headlining show at Wembley Arena, played earlier this summer as part
of the kickoffs to the London Olympics. (Just to give you an idea of how well known
he is in his native England,
Billy Bragg, one of the original punk rock poets, opened for him.) The DVD is
amazing, with plenty of energy, on stage banter, a brilliant cover of “Somebody
to Love” (Glee stole this one from Queen and Turner’s stealing it back!) and a
Bragg duet on “The Times They Are a Changing”. So diehard Turner fans have no
excuse for not going back and picking up this one. Finally, the perfect Turner
record from the uninitiated and the obsessive.


Remind me again, why the fuck is this guy not a household
name in the U.S.


DOWNLOAD: “Photosynthesis,”
“I Still Believe,” “Reasons Not to Be an Idiot” 


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