Album: Late Riser

Artist: Frances Cone

Label: Living Daylight Records/Thirty Tigers

Release Date: January 18, 2019


Over the span of just 10 songs, Indie pop group Frances Cone manage to create a blissful soundscape whose beauty seems downright impossible given the current times we are living in. But damn they manage to pull it off impressively here.

“Late Riser” is technically the second record from the Nashville – by way of Brooklyn – band led by Christina Cone. But this album sounds like a rebirth of sorts with the addition of bassist and collaborator Andrew Doherty. Cone’s ethereal vocals soar over the complex soundscapes created by the band. Songs like the album opener “Wide Awake” and the remarkable “Failure” evoke early ‘90s groups like The Sundays and Innocent Mission, both which had similar abilities to take you completely out of your head, transfixed by sweeping melodies.

There are a couple of stumbles here, like on the somber “Easy Love,” but for the most part, Late Riser is crammed with stunning songs strong enough to make you forget what else is going on in the world – at least for 30 minutes or so.

Download: “Failure” and “Wide Awake”

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