Fran Healy – Wreckorder

January 01, 1970




Over the years, Scottish rockers Travis have
been unfairly lumped in with a slew of soccer mom favs from Coldplay to Snow
Patrol. Their last couple of albums may not have been their strongest, but I’d
put early songs like “All I Wanna Do is Rock” and “Sing” up against just about
any other Brit pop hits to come out of the ‘90s.


That being said, Travis front man Fran Healy seems
to have thrown up his hands in defeat and decided to take the Gray’s Anatomy
soundtrack route with his first solo outing. The 10 tracks that make up Wreckorder, though not exactly dreadful,
prove if nothing else, he wasn’t holding out on his band mates and saving the
best material for himself.  


Even bringing in Paul McCartney to help on
“As It Comes” does little to take this record beyond a level on par with that dude
in your local coffee shop hawking his self-recorded CD between covers of “Brown
Eyed Girl” and “Time in a Bottle.”  Might
be time to think about getting the band back together.  


DOWNLOAD: “As it Comes”    


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