Foxy Shazam – Foxy Shazam

January 01, 1970



Making soul shiny and punk-y isn’t revolutionary. Everyone
from Edgar Winter’s White Trash to Dexy’s Midnight Runners had a go at it with
varying degrees of blues bluster and R&B saltiness. The goal was to keep
even the slickest of cuts dusted and dusty. Cincinnati, Ohio’s Foxy Shazam
though have maximized their rough soul’s sheen for its major label debut (they
had two albums out previously) with the result of getting its most shouted-down
anthem-like track, “Unstoppable” featured during Super Bowl XLIV. Think of how
different White Trash’s fate could’ve been had that happened – Winter would’ve
never done “Frankenstein.”


Over-the-top singer Eric Sean Nally has a clever way with
his lyrics and not every song is touched by the gods of soul’s hands. (Foxy did
start life in 2004 with an art-hardcore bent.) But the likes of the big
doo-wopping ballad “Bye Bye Symphony” and “Connect Me” are a prickly gritty
treat. The most of the rest of the album is a little too glistening and sure of
itself for Shazam’s own good; a wee bit winking-ly funky. They’ll get over it.
Or they’ll pull a “Frankenstein.”


Standout Tracks: “Wanna Be Angel,” “Bye Bye Symphony,” “Unstoppable” A.D. AMOROSI


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