Fountains of Wayne – Sky Full of Holes

January 01, 1970

(Yep Roc)


Though this is
only their 5th proper full-length in 15 years, as a band they seem
to have spread their records out pretty evenly so there haven’t been long gaps
in between. That and leader Adam Schlesinger and Chris Collingswood both seem
to have other things to keep themselves busy (Schlesinger in Tinted Windows,
among other things; while the other guys, guitarist Jody Porter and drummer
Brian Young have both been there since the beginning). For this, their first
record since 2007 and first for the Yep Roc label, they seem to have relaxed
into a nice pop groove and might even be a bit on autopilot, but the amazing
thing is that the songwriting hasn’t dipped at all (though in some corners they
still seem to be only known as “that band that wrote ‘Stacy’s Mom.'”).


Opener “The
Summer House” is a perfect opener with a gooey hook and smirking lyrics (that
these guys could now write in their sleep – “She took a handful of mushrooms,
that she got from a surfer, she had to spend the night in the hospital room so
the doctors could observe her”), while “Richie and Ruben,” which slows the
tempo down, if just a bit, sounds like a tune about a couple of first class
tools and being from New Jersey. “Someone’s Gonna Break Your Heart” is pop gold
as is the horn-blasting “Radio Bar”; and heck, let’s add “A Dip in the Ocean”
to the pop gold list as well. Even a few of the lesser tunes on here, like
“Action Hero” and “Cold Comfort Flowers”, are still the sort of “lesser tunes”
that most pop bands would kill to have written. And they make up for it on the
tongue-in-cheek, country-inflected “A Road Song.” All in a day’s work for
Fountains of Wayne.


Sky Full of Holes is the perfect sound of a band staying
within their comfort zone while not forgetting the power of the almighty hook.


DOWNLOAD: “The Summer Place”, “Someone’s Gonna
Break Your Heart”,  “A Dip in the Ocean”,
“Radio Bar” TIM HINELY

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