Fonda – Better Days

January 01, 1970

(Fonda Music)


has been 8 long years since this Los
Angeles band had released their last record, Catching Up to the Future. The band
founders, David Klotz and Emily Cook, had a child and focused more on family
than music (which is certainly understandable) but those of us who were staunch
fans wondered where they went. After having a few different members through
their career (including ex-Mighty Lemon Dropper Dave Newton) the band is back down to the original
duo and honestly, it sounds as if nothing has changed. 


band has always done a fine job of mixing several pop styles (Brit Pop, shoe
gaze, dream pop, twee, etc.) into an intoxicating stew and the same can be said
of Better Days. Unlike their other
records though, this one has no filler (one of the pros of the EP format) as
all 5 songs are dreamy, piercing and well-worth hearing. The melodies are as
strong as ever and Cook’s vocals sound excellent. From the soaring, opening
title track to the driving (Klotz-sung) “In the Coach Station Light” (a
possible Field Mice reference there?) to the swirling, Lush-esque closer “My
Heart is Dancing”, Fonda still has it in spades.


Fonda, a message from your fans: fewer kids and more music!


DOWNLOAD:  “Better Days”, “In the Coach Station Light”,
“My Heart is Dancing” TIM HINELY


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