Fishbone – Crazy Glue EP

January 01, 1970



Fishbone has been around for a
quarter century and the critics have consistently had a hard time slapping a
label on the band. Crazy Glue will not help that situation. Rising up
from the same LA scene that spawned Jane’s Addiction and the Red Hot Chili
Peppers, Fishbone defied convention and drew from reggae, ska, and metal, punk
and thrash to mold their sound and every influence is heard here. Crazy Glue is typical and classic Fishbone.


Offbeat vocals (DeAngelo Moore’s
specialty), weird time signature, thrash guitar riffage and social commentary
permeate the record; but whereas the reggae roots drove the car during most of
the band’s career, thrash and punk are in charge here. The guitar lines are
dense and the drums can be, at time, punishing. Twenty five years in, these
guys have not slowed down. If anything, they are playing with renewed vigor and
purpose; like kids desperate to prove that they matter.


Though the songs are very serious
instrumentally, the lyrics and song titles (“DUI Friday” “Weed, Beer &
Cigarettes”) let everyone know that Fishbone, like their contemporaries Primus
and the Chili Peppers, have a winking sense of humor.


Crazy Glue may be divisive. Hipsters will call it
juvenile – not serious enough. Metalheads will call it too bouncy, too
danceable. And punks may sneer at it for the smile that it generates across
their weary faces. But, that’s the point of Fishbone. They aren’t for everyone
but they should be, because theirs
is in fact something here for every group: the weird lyrics and delivery for
the Primus/ Frank Zappa fans, the thrash licks for the skateboarders who love
Testament or Black Flag, even the mellow reggae beats for the kids that want to
hug the world & smoke a truckload of weed.


It’s not a perfect EP, but
there’s one thing that it is for sure: it’s
, and that’s what matters.


DOWNLOAD: “Crazy Glue” “Weed,
Beer, Cigarettes” DANNY R. PHILLIPS


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