Fischerspooner – Entertainment

January 01, 1970

(FS Studios)


It’s been four years since Fischerspooner wowed us with their electro-pop
masterpiece Odyssey and now the band
is back and still experimenting with electronic sounds in their 3rd album titled Entertainment. This is
no mere rehash of their previous efforts. Being the electro-pioneers that they
are, band masterminds Warren Fischer and Casey Spooner have once again evolved,
taking listeners to the boundaries of what seems to be the future of synth-pop.
While hints of their electroclash origins remain intact, there’s a cosmic,
almost space-opera like sound sprinkled throughout their latest musical
adventure-think Erasure, meets Pink Floyd, meets The Postal Service.


The record begins on a strong note with the infectious, mid-tempo dance
beats of “The Best Revenge,” soon segueing into the pulsating, ultra-sonic
electro anthem “We Are Electric.” Things turn dark and sinister with the
hypnotic “Amuse Bouche,” a chilling little number where it seems the band is
channeling Love and Rockets. Alarmingly, the dull, repetitive “Danse En France”
threatens to bring the album to a grinding halt, but it recovers swiftly with the
catchy and appropriately titled “To The Moon” – an epic closer that soars and
swirls and pretty much takes you where the title says.


Entertainment could’ve easily been
a messy drum, synth and bass rehash layered with sloppy computerized
flatulence, but Fischerpooner’s slick approach to production and skillful
deployment of layered instrumentation keeps things intriguing while maintaining
a veneer of lushness. Though Odyssey is still the reigning champion as Fischerspooner’s best album, Entertainment is a very close second. No
matter; the guys are officially three-for-three and we can’t wait to see what
they conjure up next.


Standout Tracks: “We Are
Electric,” “Door Train Home,” “Amuse Bouche,” “To The Moon” GIL MACIAS



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