Fireflies – Autumn Almanac

January 01, 1970




is the work of one man, Lisle Mitnik. A transplanted New Englander now living
in Chicago, he
records all of the music on his laptop and plays all of the instruments himself.  His terrific debut record, Goodnight Stars, Goodnight Moon, was
released in 2007 as a split release between two Swedish labels: Lavender
Records and Music is My Girlfriend. 
After the Snowstorm EP from
2008 he returns here with his sophomore effort and it’s just as graceful and
lovely as the debut.


look at the bands he lists as influences on his MySpace page and you’ll know
where this record is going: Field Mice, Galaxie 500, the Cat’s Miaow, The
Clientele, etc. You get the picture. The 11 songs on here all feature Mitnik’s
patented lightly strummed jangle, brushed drums, whooshing keyboards and his
breathy, gentle vocals. Songs like the (appropriately titled) “The Breeze”,
“Your Map”, “Stars Falling Down” and “Sunsets in June” all tug at the
heartstrings of any Sarah Records fan and prove Mitnik’s strength as a
wonderful pop songwriter.


Standout Tracks: “The Breeze”, “Your
Map”, “Stars Falling Down”, “Himitsu” TIM HINELY


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