Felix Da Housecat – He Was King

January 01, 1970




Chicago-based electro producer Felix Da Housecat describes his latest, He Was King, as his most pop-oriented
album to date. This is an accurate assessment – glitteringly, vacuously,
mirthfully, erotically so. These are just some of the descriptors that can be
applied to Felix’s new record, a dance-floor mixture of throbbing beats and
synthesizer warbles that features guest vocalists on nearly every track. Tunes
like “We All Wanna Be Prince” and “Do We Move Your World” represent the softer,
pop-centric side of Felix’s vision, while the buzzing, blown-out “Kickdrum” and
the alarm-blaring “Elvi$” find him fully immersed in acid and techno regalia.


For the most part, these two sides of the spectrum
compliment each other nicely. There are lesser moments of musical lethargy (see
“Turn Me On a Summer Smile”), but overall, Felix smartly and successfully melds
the slick and the saccharine.


Standout Tracks: “Kickdrum,”


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