FELICE BROTHERS – Favorite Waitress

Album: Favorite Waitress

Artist: Felice Brothers

Label: Dualtone Music Group

Release Date: June 17, 2014

Felice 6-17



 With one of three siblings (Simone, who subsequently formed The Duke & The King, then went solo) leaving the fold in 2009 and the band deciding to wisely walk away from their unfortunate experiment with a new electro sound on 2011’s Celebration, Florida, The Felice Brothers are back to form with their latest.

 Favorite Waitress finds the five-piece back to playing Americana, filtered through a record collection heavily stocked with albums from The Band. This baker’s dozen of new songs range from great (“Lion”) to good (“Constituent”) with one or two weaker moments tossed in (“Hawthorne”). While it may not be their best effort to date, it’s still pretty damn good.

 Lyrically, the band seems to be having more fun than they have in years (although rhyming ridiculous with licorice, on “Cherry Licorice,” is more than just a little distracting). The Dylan-esque vocals tend to grow thin toward the end of the record, flirting with cover band status, but there are more than enough strong moments here to ensure fans will be glad The Felice Brothers found their way back home.

 DOWNLOAD: “Lion” and “Constituents”



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