Felice Brothers – Celebration Florida

January 01, 1970

(Fat Possum)




Talk to musicians of note and they
will recoil more than a bit if you mention classifying their music. That’s
understandable. After all, in most ways the bold-faced headers under which
music is categorized is about marketing, not artistry. Still, it can be
unsettling to some fans when their favorite musicians take an unexpected jog in
sound. Take the upstate-New York
folk rockers The Felice Brothers.The band’s latest album Celebration, Florida features synth lines, wicked
drum beats, piano, accordion and other instrumentation that has some purists howling.
Yet, good music is good music, right? There’s little question that Celebration Florida provides just that.


The opening track “Fire at the
Pageant” doesn’t really veer that far away from folk, it just gives it a
bit of a Celtic, New Age feel. Yes, “Back in the Dance Halls” is
perhaps more of a departure, with very dark, throbbing vocals and percussion
with some horns sprinkled throughout – sort of Alejandro Escovedo meets Dax
Riggs – but it’s an interesting journey. The same can be said about the dark,
somber “Dallas,”
a languid, piano driven song that has a raw, almost Lyle Lovett texture in


Celebration, Florida is a different sonic side of the Felice Brothers. But as one musician recently
said, music is like food. Would you want to eat the same food all of the time?
Of course not. Try a taste of this new Felice Brothers. It may seem unusual at
first but will arguably become a staple.


DOWNLOAD: “Fire at the Dance
Halls,” “Dallas” NANCY DUNHAM

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