THE FEEDS – The Feeds EP

Album: The Feeds

Artist: The Feeds

Label: self-released

Release Date: August 12, 2014

Feeds 8-9


Boasting three longtime veterans of the Tarheel rock scene—members count Lustre, Antiseen, the Outer Limits and Nickel Slots, among others, on their collective resume—Raleigh’s The Feeds offer up hi-nrg power pop that’ll be embraced equally by fans of the Plimsouls, the dB’s, Guided By Voices and the Posies. This eponymous debut, a five songer, is hotwired with energy and rife with tuneful riffage, as evidenced on the choppy, kinetic “Maybelline” and the sexy, swinging that is “Stepping Out.” And with standout track “Elvis” the band’s got an instant crowd-pleasing anthem: “I wanna do what Elvis Presley does/ To make your heart race,” goes the chorus, the song a perfect study in dynamic tension and blaze-of-glory finales.

Let’s face it: all ya need to have a rousing good time is one loud guitar, one loud bass, one loud drumkit and a couple of voices that can sing in tune together. In that regard, The Feeds deliver the goods—even better, they’ve got hook-filled, memorable tunes to go with the sonic artillery. And hey, that cheeky nod to Grand Funk Railroad on the CD sleeve (see above) additionally suggests the presence of true students of rock ‘n’ roll history in the band. These guys know what it’s all about.

DOWNLOAD: “Elvis,” “Stepping Out”

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