Faust – Something Dirty

January 01, 1970

(Bureau B)



A spry 40 years old now, this kosmisch institution has little left to prove. And because they’ve been reunited since
the ‘90s – albeit often in separate iterations – kids today can hear them the
way Richard Branson and Julian Cope first heard them back in the Wümme.


Used to be Hans
Irmler’s Faust brought in the noise, while Jean-Hervé Peron and Zappi
Diermaier’s co-brand brought the Dada and the funk. Abetted here by guitarist
James Johnston (Gallon Drunk, the Bad Seeds), the original rhythm section prove
equally noxious at making Irmler’s stink. You may be gifted unremarkable
reissues of Amon Düül II’s Phallus Dei and Popol Vuh’s Herzog scores
(not to mention lamentable Michael Rother/Red Hot Chili Peppers collabs), but the
kraut you really want is right here: feisty, filling and highly fermented.


And because
they’re still Fugazis about prices, even the 180 gram vinyl will only set you
back a modest EURO 13. Precision German engineering – hand over, herr, faust.

DOWNLOAD: “Tell the Bitch to Go Home,” “Herbstimmung” LOGAN K. YOUNG

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