Farmer Dave Scher – Flash Forward to the Good Times

January 01, 1970



photos of Farmer Dave that are on the Kemado website look nothing like the
long-haired guy who bent the pedal steel strings for Beachwood Sparks nearly a
decade ago. Has Scher given up on that Southern California
lifestyle for something a bit more …domestic or staid? Not a chance  Since
the All Night Radio record that Sub Pop released in 2004 (Scher and other B.S.
member Jimi Hey) Scher has remained relatively quiet but this Flash Forward
to the Good Times
record proves he’s not even close to running out of


9 songs here but the record is an interesting mix of some Motown soul (title
track), Bacharachian pop (“We Have a Way”) and even some dub (“You Pick Me
Up”). The record is a bit uneven in parts but Scher is at his strongest when
doing the orchestrated pop thing so it’s no surprise that he got help from
former Pernice Bros. maestro, Thom Monahan, who definitely worked some of his
magic here.  “Our Love is a Wave” is another strong ‘60s pop number and
the final cut, “Surf Out Sunset” is a sumptuous pop feast that you’ll wish
would go on forever. With Flash Forward to the Good Times Scher has
proved he can do it on his own and next time out, if he can trim the fat just a
bit ,he may be in the big leagues. As it stands now, he’s really close to
getting called up.


:  “We Have a Way”, “Our Love is a Wave”, “Surf Out Sunset” TIM HINELY



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