FAN MODINE – Cause Célèbre

Album: Cause Célèbre

Artist: Fan Modine

Label: Lost Colony Music

Release Date: April 01, 2014

Fan Modine 4-1


After three albums of irresistibly radiant pop and a steady stream of well-deserved critical acclaim, Fan Modine rewards their fans with the aptly titled Cause Célèbre. An inauspicious outfit – or more accurately, a nom de plume for its musical mainstay, Gordon Zacharias – Fan Modine hasn’t always been all that prolific, given that up until now, releases have arrived on average, only once every six years. Consequently, it’s something of a surprise – a treat really – to welcome this new effort only three years after 2011’s Gratitude for the Shipper.

What’s most satisfying of all is the realization that their early outings were no fluke, and that the kudos they’ve been accorded are still richly deserved. In fact, if any complaint is in order, it would be that it totals just nine songs in all, leaving listeners only somewhat satiated and wishing for more. Still, there’s reason to revel in what it does offer – be it the buoyant, Beatle-esque shimmer of “Epater la Bourgeoisie” (think “Please Please Me” if covered by the Byrds), the effusive and expressive “Jandals,” or the unfettered sway of “Rich Girls in Wellingtons.” Few albums boast as much savvy and spark, making it little wonder that this Cause… can prove so consistent.

DOWNLOAD: “Epater la Bourgeoisie,” “Jandals,” “Rich Girls in Wellingtons”


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