Album: Felix Culpa

Artist: Family and Friends

Label: self-released

Release Date: June 08, 2018


Family And Friend’s debut, Felix Culpa, may deal with some heavy topics: transition from childhood to adulthood; dealing with relationships new and old; searching for the meaning of life… but rarely have those issues sounded so beautiful and breezy while be tackled in 3-to-4-minute increments.

The Athens-based indie pop/folk band worked with producer Brad Wood on their first full length – a producer best known for louder bands like Sunny Day Real Estate and Smashing Pumpkins – and while he does add a little more energy and texture to the band’s sound, don’t expect a complete about face from their 2015 EP. Layering elements of dreamy psychedelic and even hints of prog to the music, the group has taken a big step forward from that earlier effort. The band has still not quite managed to capture the full spirit of their live sets, but this album is a solid effort nonetheless.

Despite some heavy lyrical themes, the band’s reliance on sweet melodies and the melding of their voices into strong layered harmonies, makes the angst and coming of age questioning go down easy.

DOWNLOAD: “Ouroboros,” “Peaches” and “Houndstooth”

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