Falty DL – Phreqaflex

January 01, 1970

(Planet Mu)




Even with all the baffling subgenre names available to tack onto his
records, Drew Lustman’s distinctive work as Falty DL isn’t easily boxed into
one-sentence blurbs. Jungle, hip hop, house, and ambient dubstep play a role in
his warm, off-kilter dance music, and he closed-up 2009 with no fewer than four
rhythmically and texturally complicated releases under his belt, each one
wordless outside of vocals he’d borrowed from other vinyl and manipulated with


A four-songer on the Dutch Rush Hour Recordings label in early 2010 put
Lustman’s affinity for subdued though typically unsteady house on display,
while the Phreqaflex EP marks a more charged outing, where the NYC
producer serves up the hardest 2-step drum patterns he’s offered yet. Jumpy
stop/starts and nicked Rhodes spring randomly into place for the title track,
while “Because You” cracks and sputters with the same energy that
Lustman’s recent remix does for UK
dubstep purveyor Ital Tek’s “Moment In Blue.” Fashioned with a sample
of Lauryn Hill dealing doo wop, Phreqaflaex closer “My Friends Will
Always Say…” is both lush and explosive. The husky vocal and long, deep
breaths flow nicely over the meatiest bassline in the pack, with Lustman
employing a melody somewhat similar to the one charted on his “To New
York,” from 2009’s Love Is A Liability. While this release’s first seven
minutes are strong enough, “My Friends…” really cooks; it’s a
serving of gorgeous and seductive garage that builds on the breakout records
the artist issued last year.


DOWNLOAD: Grab all three tracks. DOMINIC


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