THE FALL – White Lightning (LP)

Album: White Lightning

Artist: The Fall

Label: Secret Records Limited

Release Date: June 03, 2014

Fall 6-3


 For those longtime fans of British oddball rockers The Fall who have been a bit disenfranchised by the group’s last few offerings (the line forms behind me, by the way), this latest vinyl release should put a smile on your post-punk face.

 Originally released as a Record Store Day exclusive overseas, White Lightning is pressed on 180 gram transparent vinyl and includes 10 tracks from band spanning the years 1979 –to-2000.Sadly missing from this record though are most of the songs from the ‘80s when The Fall turned in some of its best work (only one included here is 1981’s “Jawbone & the Rifle”.) It does, however, rely heavily on tracks from 1979’s Dragnet and 1990’s Extricate, two great records.

 Founder and frontman Mark E. Smith has been the only constant in the band’s three-decade-plus career, so you can’t blame a guy for wanting to shake things up on later efforts. But listening to the songs on White Lightning are a great reminder of why everyone from Guided By Voices to Sonic Youth have name checked The Fall as a strong musical influence over the years.  

  DOWNLOAD: Before the Moon,” “Jawbone & The Rifle” and “Bill is Dead”

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